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African American Modern Dance Pioneers are featured in the power point link below. 


African American Women Dance Pioneers 

Explore the careers of Josephine Baker, Katherine Dunham, and Pearl Primus.

The photograph of Josephine Baker shows her rehearsing in Amsterdam. Read more about Amsterdam.


Katherine Dunham Stormy Weather.

Katherine Dunham choreogrpahic piece:

Towne Square Dance Sequence 

The dance choreographed by Pearl Primus to the music composed and performed by Billy Holiday have been considered controversial because of the horror and pain of lynching in the United States. The video includes distrubing images.


Billie Holiday x Pearl Primus - Strange Fruit (Music Video) - YouTube

Hard Time Blues (Pearl Primus) - performed by Paul Dennis 2014 - YouTube

Check back all February for new information about African American Modern Dance Pioneers. 

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