Salad on the Go?

Quick tip: Pack your salad the night before.


Pack your tomato in a separate plastic container. Wrap your lettuce in paper towel. Pack your egg in another larger container. When its lunch time put your parts together. Your salad is  tossed.

Purchase a lunch kit and put a little freezer pack in to keep it cool. You can avoid the work refrigerator nightmares or save time walking back and forth to the  breakroom.

Add a simple olive oil and white vinegar dressing with some salt and pepper. Or add a simple French dressing. I know you are busy.

Take some time and spoil yourself at lunch.  Sit down for your quick salad. Make lunch look great on a glass plate. Fake it with a clear plastic plate for the same pleasure. Have more time one day a week? Put it on a charger plate like my gold charger plate pictured.

Variations on a tossed salad.

Choose your favorite lettuce. It is all right to not always have lettuce. Try fresh tomato in season and a hard boiled egg.

Back to work January 2019 editing and taking a brewed tea break with a cute tea infuser and favorite mug. It makes the work seem like relaxing fun with a healthy beverage.

    The Foodie Page

Purchase some ground beef and make your own burger patties. Place them on a microwave baking plate. While they are microwaving sauté some mushrooms. You will be ready to eat a meal quickly.

If you have a lot of time make a dish from scratch and you can have a great meal on days when you are too busy to cook. The video shows getting out my food processor and making spaghetti sauce from scratch. Freeze the extra.

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