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How Dr. Claytor connects dance and fitness. Check out this PowerPoint.

'Dance Meets Fitness + Marylloyd' on SlideShare

Claytor Studio Workout

excerpt above

Marylloyd Claytor Dance Company

​Marylloyd Claytor Dance Company began with a Mount Holyoke College fine arts grant while Dr. Claytor was a student at Mount Holyoke College.


in the modern dance style has always been the primary focus of the company's work.


began with costume design of original costumes for the company.




Dr. Claytor began sewing as a child at age ten.




Many people believe Dr. Claytor's interest in video began when her native home Pittburgh was wired for cable television.


Video began with Dr. Claytor's degree with honor project as an undergraduate student.







The first New York City concerts were presented at Terra Firme, Eleo Pomare Vital Arts Center, and The Minskoff Off Broadway Theater.

Marylloyd Claytor  as Medusa in The Medusa Legend.

Photo: Engelhart

Impresssionism Photography

Marylloyd Claytor

Marylloyd Claytor,  performing dance and oral interpretation: Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham

Women's History Month CCAC North Campus Allegheny County,  Pennsylvania   

Women's History Month

Dr. Claytor at the Market Street Arts Festival, Brownsville, PA

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