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TooTu is currently airing on claytorarts. Here is the link

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Keep your focus on fitness with Ten Minute Fitness segment on this page and check out the other four segments under the Ten Minute Fitness tab.


350 Towne Square Way

P. O. Box 98112

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15227


TEL - 412-216-2616

FAX - 412-882-3088

New York Live Arts NY NY

Choose the focus of our work you would like to support.


___New Original Choreography

___Internet Access to Programming

___Preservation Video/Music              ___Fiberart/Visual Art

___Educational Research

Choose your giving level.

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Payable to:

Marylloyd Claytor Dance Company

a non profit tax exempt 501 (c) (3) organization

Dr. Claytor rehearsing, and teaching  in community dance and fitness studios.

Coming soon Dr. Claytor will be informing you about her latest research on career strategies.  Watch for links here to her educational arm RCG Resarch Consulting Group.

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