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New Program on the MCDC tab - Negative Positive

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Dance video rental fees all go towards preservation of the repertoire. Your rental fee will offer other dance videos to watch.

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Fridays 2:00 PM.  

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Claytor Negative Positive

Marylloyd Claytor
Claytor Negative Positive
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Claytor Negative Positive

Claytor Negative Positive

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Claytor Improvisations

Claytor Improvisations

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Claytor Outdoor Indoor Fitness

Claytor Outdoor Indoor Fitness

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Claytor Works in Progress

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Click on the links below for

Nameless Faceless Voiceless Part I  


Nameless Faceless Voiceless Part II

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Watch Diapause Cryogenics on claytorarts our YouTube channel  Part One          Part Two         Part Three        Part Four         Part Five


Claytor Studio & Gallery PCTV City of Pittsburgh Comcast 21 and Verizon 47 Fridays 2:00 PM

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 View videos on your Kindle Fire, Nook, and iPhone.  Short videos here on the website which may not play on Kindle Fire and Nook but can be seen along with other videos if you click on our claytorarts YouTube channel link under the video below.